Living Alone in One Paragraph

“As soon as I got my diploma, got a job and when I had the money to rent an apartment, I did. All my life I wanted to live by myself, I knew I was going to be so happy. And I was right!! If you are happy with who you are, and not looking to fill a void with friends or a romantic partner, and you enjoy spending time by yourself, you should try it. For me it has been the best years of my life.”

“I wish I had known that it is ok to take time to get used to it. You go from being a couple to a single person overnight and my expectations were so high about how I would manage that! There is definitely a period of time where you unexpectedly bump into things that you realise were very straightforward when living with another person but a different experience when you live alone.”

“It gets better. After a separation it’s s***e for a while, but it definitely gets better. Plus, get a cat, or better get two! They helped heal me!”

“The hardest part of living alone is not having built-in casual socialization. I’d love to have a friend in the neighborhood text me to grab a slice of pizza or come watch Netflix on a random night.”

“I divorced after nearly 28 years of marriage. Lived with a girlfriend for a few months, but that fell apart. Decided the single life was a lot easier and safer. It works for me.” 

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